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In the last couple of months it’s become clear to me that many small business owners get stuck

when it comes to marketing their products/ business.  With so many different social media

platforms it seems that any business would benefit most from focusing on one or two platforms.

The aim should be that all your platforms have the same feel and look and work as one concept.

With so many things to do and so little hours available in a day, you might find it easier to get

some guidance in this department. Find someone that can advise, or run these platforms for

you in order to free up some time to get the real job done… Although it’s fun being creative

with you phone on taking pictures, it might be best to get a professional photographer to have

get staple images of what your business is about, and also what business image you would

like to portray to future and current clients.

I had the privilege to do photography for BLOOM_hair.face.nails / and collaboration with


For the small business owner this is very important to get your image correct, to attract more clients and

having a successful venture.















 Many times brides tell me that the pre-wedding photo’s is not that important to them.

On which I do encourage them  to have those photo’s taken, it’s sometimes even more

important to me than the reception photo’s.

Looking back on your wedding day you will see that the day just slipped away so quickly

in all the excitement, and that special preparation moments were lost.

For me the detail of the day is so important – and you will be happy to see how the day

progressed not only for the bride, but also what the groom was doing prior to your

special I DO’s …

Always find a photographer that will be honest and open about these things, and that

will respect the effort that went into each and every detail of your special day!

Many blessings – Mariana

The value of a Picture


If a picture is worth a thousand words,

what does your professional photo say

about you?

Do you look credible, confident, professional?

Your picture might affect the job opportunities

that come your way …

A “selfie” might not be sufficient – and maybe it’s time to get a

professional photographer to get the job done.

A couple of tips when using a photo :

1)Make sure it’s a recent photo, 2)Look professional

3)Have a pleasant expression, 4)Only subject should be visible

Get it done!   Mariana